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Efficient Toilets For All

​He laid out a plan to replace the old toilets in order to conserve water in his local hometown of Pasadena.  Antoine started his non-profit "Efficient Toilets for All" in order to collect donations to replace the old toilets and other high-water consuming fixtures in not only his Boys and Girls Club, but those within the Los Angeles County as well.  

​Created in the fiery heat of Southern California, our non-profit "Efficient Toilets for All"  became a dream the end of 2015. Antoine's school, John Marshall Fundamental School in Pasadena, CA, partnered with a local engineering firm, EW Consulting, and created a drought project. Antoine reflected on his past experiences and figured out how to assuage the perils of the California drought.  Antoine thought about his local Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena and calculated the amount of excess water from out-dated toilets. He could not believe his numbers and thought they were  was absurd. But he realized that real water savings could be realized with toilet replacement using low-flow toilets.