Efficient Toilets For All



Whatever volunteer services you are interested in offering, (replacing a toilet, fundraising, advertising or donating) we promise that it will go to an excellent cause. Please contact us at admin@efficienttoilets.org. 

mission & vision

Our mission is to find, target and replace old toilets and other fixtures that consume enormous amounts of water. Our vision is to replace 1,000 toilets for socially focused organizations. This will reduce the effects of the drought and save water.  

recent programs

Our non-profit has already been working with the Boys and Girls clubs of Los Angeles to replace there old toilets - free of charge for them. We know that doing this makes a real difference in conserving water and helping the lives and environment for all of us. 

Donations are the foundation of this non-profit, without donations our mission and vision will not succeed. Whether you donate a toilet or money it will go towards replacing toilets in socially focused organizations, such as Boys and Girls Clubs in the Los Angeles area. Efficient Toilets For All is a registered 501(C)3 with the IRS, in the State of California and all donations are tax deductible.     

Support water conservation in your community